Two arranged marriages hang in the air, but what if two of those people want to make their own arrangements?

Lady Grace Smith, the daughter of the Earl of Wallchant, doesn’t care about finding love. Her dreams are to be a great pianist, to travel to the wonderful cities of Europe, and to one day be permitted to perform. If only her parents and the rest of society would understand. But no; her mother has a notebook full of eligible suitors, and she says that Grace must choose, or she will. Grace is ready to fight against her mother’s will until an old childhood crush comes back into town, reminding Grace of all those pesky feelings she wants to get away from.

Nicholas Helthorne just lost his father, a duke. He is now the Duke of Heistent, and he finds that his world has opened in new ways. Marriage is on everybody else’s mind, especially his mother’s. She has a match in mind, but Nick has his eyes turned by someone unexpected. Coming back to England from Paris feels like coming home again. As does look into the now grown-up Lady Grace’s eyes. But can he escape the arrangement his mother made?

*If you are keen on reading Regency romances then "Arrangement with the Duke" is a perfect fit for you!

It's a historical Regency romance novel of approximately 75,000 words (around 300 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a sweet happily ever after.

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