She chose to be the chess player instead of the chess piece.

Lord Tristian lives a quiet life, usually distant from other people, and prefers enjoying his books. His heart beats fast for Lady Evelyn, but her rejection is his greatest fear. His opportunity might come when Lord Campbell invites him to a ball.

Lady Evelyn and her family are also invited to the ball, where she reunites with Lord Edmond, the man who had asked for her hand in a wedding before he went on a long expedition, financed partly by her late father, the Duke of Norfolk. But Lord Edmond denies the truth about his promise to marry her, embarrassing her in front of the Ton.

Looking for justice, she decides to challenge him in a chess match at the next event Lord Campbell will be holding, knowing that the Campbells have a great love for that sport.

Although Lady Evelyn is a natural talent at chess, she hasn't played in a while. She needs a mentor. And that will be no other than Lord Tristan. However, as the time for the match keeps coming closer, she discovers that maybe Tristan is becoming more than just a mentor to her. And Lord Tristan realizes that he has to make a move outside the chessboard for once!

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It's a historical Regency romance novel of 65,000 words (around 250 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a sweet happily ever after.

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