Lady Helena may have found the man who finally treats her as an equal. But can she reveal her secret?

Lady Helena Prescott is beautiful, intelligent, and terribly misunderstood. Her father, a duke, hopes to cultivate a meek beauty who can marry well and keep the family legacy going. Helena, however, has other ideas, including being a famous author. Lucky for her, she already is, but no one knows. Certainly not the dark-haired, handsome editor whose been praising her stories for months. How long can she keep this ruse going?

Lord Darren Michaels wanted nothing else but to own a literary magazine. Certainly not get married. Now, his business is struggling, and a mysterious author is the one keeping it afloat. He hopes to find a way to get the reclusive author out to the public. Along the way, he meets the beautiful, strange, Lady Helena Prescott whom he can’t seem to say anything right. She loves the magazine but seems more attached to it than just a normal reader. What is she hiding? For the first time, Darren wants to learn more about a lady and maybe never let her go.

*If you are keen on reading Regency romances then "To Trick a Lord" is a perfect fit for you!

It's a historical Regency romance novel of approximately 75,000 words (around 250 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a sweet happily ever after.

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