Four romantic, lovely stories about a Lady and a Duke...

Meeting a Duke at Moonlight (Short Story)

Katherine Rowley was always one for rebellion. Growing up on an island made her so. She is desperate to gain her parents’ approval for a London Season. But she can’t help but risk their disapproval by meeting with the frustratingly handsome Lord Barrington on horseback. At night. Alone. Lord Barrington knows that he is leaving soon, yet he can’t stay away from the fascinating Miss Rowley.

Challenging a London Duke (Book 1)

Katherine Rowley doesn’t like smugness, especially not in hoity-toity English lords. However, smugness can easily be forgotten with a handsome face and all the London-acquired charm. Lord Barrington tries to remind himself that it’s just a small island, a horse race, and a woman he’s met a few times. Yet he can’t seem to forget any of them. Will it make it all the harder to leave when the time comes?

The Duke’s Betrayal (Book 2)

Katherine Rowley’s true love is lost at sea. At the same time, she gets her dream of traveling to London for a Season. Will she be able to find love again? Or perhaps she will find the same love alive and well. Everything seems just perfect. Except for the fact that he’s been courting someone else. Lord Barrington is shocked at Katherine’s arrival. Why is his heart betraying him when he is thinking of marrying another?

Forgiving the Duke (Book 3)

Katherine Rowley knows she has to move on. She’s trying, but she’s not sure she’s ready to. Lord Edward Barrington is moving on very quickly, becoming engaged and breaking Katherine’s heart. Can she put aside their time on the island and focus on her new life in London? Edward can’t seem to forget Katherine. Plus, she’s everywhere he looks. Can he find a way back to her?

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